Services Offered

With a range of services, you can tailor a program to your set that best fits your production.

by Tina Maria Elena Bak

by Tina Maria Elena Bak


  • Choreographing helps put actors at ease because they know ahead of time exactly what they will be doing. The mystery and nervous anticipation is removed from the equation.

  • Running a rehearsal until the movement sequence becomes embodied like a dance helps the actors explore creatively within limitations while they feel safe.

  • Discussing the tone of the scene with the showrunner and director in order to devise an intimate scene while bearing in mind the moment before, the place within a relationship, and what kind of day this is helps the scene clearly and concisely convey that creative vision.

Establishing and Nurturing a Safe Creative Environment

by Jordyn McGeachin

by Jordyn McGeachin

  • Help bring the showrunner and director’s vision to life, while respecting the actors’ boundaries.

  • Consult when it comes to topics of sexuality, prosthetics, LGBTQIA+ issues, ethical non-monogamy and alternative relationship models, kink, and more.

  • Offer emotional support to actors so that they feel safe and comfortable on set.

  • Help actors with the use of modesty garments and ensuring they have options from Costumes.

Protecting the Network and Actors

  • Negotiate nudity riders with actors’ representation and oversee their signing.

  • Uphold the limits of the contracts during shooting.

  • Ensure that closed set protocols are observed.

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