About Mia

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My background in theater, dance, casting, gender studies, and neuroscience informs my work. I spent over two decades training in theater, from directing, to acting, and production. My visual art and performance practice touches on themes of sexuality, trauma, and the body. My educational background includes a BA in Philosophy with an emphasis on ethics and identity from Columbia University, Comedic and Dramatic Improv, and Mental Health First Aid certification.

Some of the services I provide include choreography, negotiation of nudity riders, emotional support to actors, and consultation when it comes to topics sexuality, prosthetics, LGBTQIA+ issues, ethical non-monogamy, and more.

I am practiced in creating and nourishing a safe environment and attuning to the needs of individuals. My background in casting and production has given me set experience and an understanding of the film and TV process. Gently getting and gauging consent before a scene and on an ongoing basis, reducing feelings of shame, discussing intimate and sexual details of a text/scene, and navigating delicate and triggering territory are crucial skills that I can offer on a set so that actors can do their best work.

I was fortunate enough to train with Amanda Blumenthal, the premier Intimacy Coordinator in Los Angeles.

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